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Multimedia is media and this is the combination of different form of contents.In the earlier days media presentations are not that much versatile and either diplays only text contents or images and audio seperately. But now Multimedia technique includes images, text, audio ( voice and music), video clippings, special effects and animations. Multimedia is distinguished from mixed media in fine art and there is lot of scope for this field for any kind of presentations for corporate requirements , industrial presentations, educational institution presentations, and even in
shopping malls , plazzas and kiosk terminals to guide the people in public places.
Major categories of Multimedia divided in to two parts they are,

 Linear Multimedia
 Non linear Multimedia.

In the linear type Mulimedia users can use it without any navigational control ( example - Movie presentation )
In the non linear type multimedia users can control through navigational buttons or keys. ( example - Video game, computer based trainning)

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